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Caption Contests
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Moderator/Maintainer: mizcrank
Co-Moderator: msmcfeeley

About The Community

This community is a caption contest community. I will post a picture and you, the player will make a caption for it. Later, you will vote on which is the best one.

Photo submissions are always welcome! My email address is stated above.

About The Rules

1. Can I just join the community and play and post ?
Yes you can just join, but you do not need posting access. You just enter your caption in the poll box and I will do the rest.

2. I don't think my caption went through, what do I do ?
There is a glitch with the Live Journal poll system occasionally a players caption will not reach me. There is nothing I can do about that. Posting your answer in the comments is automatic disqualification from that particular game..

3. Can I change my caption?
No, If I see you have changed your caption you will be disqualified from that game.

4. Can I be thrown out of the community ?
If you are rude or disrespect me or another player you will be removed. Also if you flaunt the rules, you will be removed.

5. How do I complain ?
You may complain, through E-mailing me. However you do not complain through the comments pages. If you do this you will receive a warning. If then you persist you will then be removed from the community. Any drama caused by a user in this community will result in removal from the community.

6. Can I enter multiple captions ?
No, multiple captions will not be accepted under any circumstances. One caption is required. Just like changing your caption, entering multiple captions will result in disqualification from that particular game.

7. Can I post my caption in the comments ?
No. Posting captions in the comments will mean disqualification from that particular game. You will receive a warning, if you fail to adhere to the warning you will be suspended from the whole series of games. If after that you do it again you will be removed from the community.

8. Can I ask in my Livejournal account for help ?
No. MEMBERS are prohibited from advertising or soliciting help on their LJs (personal or otherwise). If we receive a complaint from another user we will look into it. If we find that the report is correct we will mark that players answer wrong. If there is three or more requests for help from that player in that particular series, the player will be prohibited from winning that particular series.

9. How come my caption isn't on the list of those to be voted on?
Right now, I am taking the first fifteen entried that come in. The LJ polling method I am using only allows 15 spots per polling question. Right now, the community is at a size where 15 is a good number to choose from. If/when the community grows past 100+ members, then I will look at adding a few more voting spots.

10. But i put i my caption like 5 minutes after the photo was posted. I HAD to be in the first fifteen!!!
There may be times this will happen. Depending on the caption itself, I will exercise discretion as to if the caption is suitable for posting. If I deem the caption could be taken offensively, then it will not make the voting list...even if it is one of the first fifteen. Though I am all for fun and freedom of speech, I want to keep the community enjoyable and "issue-free". Thanks for understanding in advance.

Rules of the community are subject to change at anytime by mizcrank. Joining the community means you have agreed to abide by the rules laid down in the community. Failure to comply with these rules can mean removal from the community.

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